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Care Plus

Primmed was founded in 1989 by Pieter Aalbersberg Sr. In these pre-internet days it was already clear to Pieter that long journeys to exotic destinations would take a flight and that these travelers had to be protected. In the early days, Pieter imported vaccines and sold them to vaccinating institutions. From there came the demand for information and education in addition to preventive medicines. Pieter not only wanted to inform general practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals and the GGD, but also the travelers themselves. To this end, in 1992 his son Arnoud Aalbersberg co-founded the company Tropenzorg BV with the Care Plus brand ®. A variety of health protection products have been developed under Care Plus ®. The most famous are the anti-insect products with and without DEET, the impregnated mosquito nets and the cleansing-hand-gel.

Care Plus® is an authentic Dutch brand with almost 30 years of experience in the field of travel and health. We are working with a fantastic team on a malaria-free world by 2030. We do this by ensuring that travelers can travel safely, far away and close by, every day, so that they come home with beautiful stories, photos and videos.

Safe travels, great stories.

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