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GTF Outside

The GTFO Company was rebranded in January of 2020, and the online store went live on April 26, 2020.  What began as a line of t-shirts hoodies, and hats, quickly evolved into the start of a movement.
“We wanted to go beyond providing a line of clothing,” says co-owner Melissa Swain.  “We wanted to be more”.  Run both by Curtis and Melissa, they wanted to get people's attention by send a bold statement to the world to Get The F* Outside, since being active and being outdoors contributes to a healthier & happier mind. "We wanted to raise mental health awareness, create a safe place for mental health conversations, and encourage people to make time to go outside.
"Get The F Outside" is a pretty blunt message, but that's exactly what is needed. We aren't saying you need to be physically fit, run a marathon, hike a crazy mountain. That's not us either! Just figure out what your version of getting outside looks like to you, and make time for it. You deserve it!"
GTF Outside also gives back by donating back to mental health facilities and MH youth organizations. Curtis and Melissa also donate time and funds to cleaning up the environment and protecting the Grizzly Bear by donating a portion of the proceeds to The Grizzly Bear Foundation.


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