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ICESPIKE is a family company, with members spread across North America from the East Coast to the West Coast and Canada. As runners, walkers, hikers, serious marathoners and tri-athletes, we are devoted to making maintaining winter training and all outdoor experiences safe and fun in any weather conditions. We needed a better traction device that would outperform traditional strap-on snow cleats, ice cleats or platforms with spikes.

In 2007 we began our research to find what would make the ultimate ice grippers. We created ICESPIKE, the solution which eliminates the added weight, shifting, breaking and the inconvenience of putting on/taking off of current devices. No more frustration with clumsy and inadequate traction! Once ICESPIKE™ was installed on the soles of our winter footwear, we were always ready for any weather and any terrain. ICESPIKE™ is so lightweight, you forget that you’re wearing them, except when you hit that unforeseen patch of ice and you remain stable and secure. Winter running shoes and winter training made possible!

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