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Manufacturer of Double Layer socks. We have engineered a piece of equipment for your feet. Our Double Layer sock uses our patents and proprietary manufacturing to make the best possible sock. We have been making the Double Layer sock since 1988 and have made many advancements in the manufacturing process to bring it up to the currently technology advanced sock it is today. The Double Layer sock puts your foot in the best possible environment. This is the only sock that has addressed all the issues associated with blisters. Our sock competitors cannot make this claim. We eliminate moisture and heat with recycled polyester. We eliminate friction with our patented Double Layer design so the friction takes place between the 2 layers. Our Double Layer sock is designed and manufactured so that the 2 layers interact with each other ever so slightly. There is no noticeable movement between the layers for the user, it feels like you are wearing a normal sock. We make our Double Layer socks in multiple weights - Lightweight to a Cushion sock. All of our socks are made in the U.S.A. at our plant in Burlington, N.C. Wrightenberry Mills has been in business since 1948.